24 juli 2018 Blog

Prosciutto di Parma -Topped Pizza + Sangiovese

Some say a pizza isn’t complete without a bit of Italian pork – and there’s no better pork for pizza than Prosciutto di Parma. I like it along with a bit of fresh, peppery rucola to balance out the intensity of the fatty meat and cheese. You’ll need a wine big enough to stand up to the complexly layered pizza, but not so intense that it tramples over its more nuanced flavors. The obvious go-to pairing is found in wines made from the workhorse grape of Tuscany: Sangiovese, with its big, ripe, cherry fruit flavors, firm tannins, and high acidity.

We have Parmaham in store 30 month old.
Come and taste it and add it your pizza.

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